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Simple, quick and affordable way to
add analytics to anything
Simply push your events data, then retrieve it in a way that makes sense to you and your users.
Supported Operations
Count Count Unique Minimum Maximum Sum Average Median Percentiles Select Unique Standard Deviation Filtering Grouping Date Histogram Timeframe
Why would I need this?
Use Datawaves if you have a website or an app and want to add any kind of charts for your users about data that is changing constantly over time.
How I will be charged?
We charge per writes. It is very affordable, only $15 for 1M writes. You can set usage limit too. Pay as you go, and don't worry about usage spikes. Also check the free plan.
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Meet Inspector
Inspector enables you to query your data using a simple GUI.
It is perfect for testing how the results of your queries will look like before writing code.
Inspector is avaliable in your project page!
Save your development time, and add analytics now!
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